About us

So you might be wondering a bit about us and where we have come from? YLO Psychology Clinic is new, however, the YLO brand has been around for several years. YLO, which is short for Youth Lifestyle Options, is a brand that originated in early 2008 within the community services sector within South East Queensland. Providing residential care and intervention services to children, young people and families through the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability services, YLO has become a well known and highly regarded service provider within the sector.


From the years of providing intervention services to disadvantages and at-risk children and young people within the government sector, YLO has discovered that there remains a need for specialised child and family intervention services to support children, adolescents and families within the community/private area. YLO Psychology Clinic was born out of this and the company’s continual focus on prevention and early intervention. YLO Psychology Clinic seeks to provide a specialised service targeting children, young people and families living in the Logan and Brisbane South area.


YLO Psychology Clinic has been open since July 2015.



Why choose a Psychologist at YLO Psychology clinic?

Why should you contact us to make an appointment for yourself or your child or adolescent?


About Us - Child Psychologists providing counselling to children and families

At YLO Psychology Clinic we pride ourselves with being:

  • Up-to-date with the knowledge of what interventions work best
  • Highly qualified and experienced in providing assessment and intervention to children, adolescents and families
  • Flexible in the way we provide intervention in order to best respond to the needs of clients
  • Approachable, warm and non-judgmental
  • Ethical and professional
  • Client-centred
  • Confidential


All YLO Psychology Clinic clinicians are experienced psychologists with a passion for working with children, adolescents and families. With a vast array of training and experience in a range of common presentations including: trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, challenging behaviours, learning assessments, parent training, autism and developmental disorders, suicide and self-harm, our team can provide a holistic and targeted approach that can make a real difference to our clients and their well-being. Due to YLO’s experience within the government sector, we are skilled in handling complex client presentations.


Importantly, here at YLO Psychology Clinic we are outcome-focused! What does this mean? Well, we are always checking to make sure that progress is being achieved. We do this by checking in with the child, adolescent or parent to check how they feel that they are going but we also use assessment measures that track outcomes for clients.


All psychologists at YLO Psychology Clinic are:

  • Registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia (PBA)
  • Practice within the PBA endorsed Code of Ethics
  • Undertake a PBA approved program of continuing professional development
  • Approved providers with Medicare and private health insurance funds
  • Affiliated with Australian Psychology Society


About Us - YLO Psychology Clinic - child and family counselling