Assessment Services

YLO Psychology Clinic offers a range of comprehensive assessment services for children and adolescents. Our team of clinicians are specially qualified to assess children and adolescents with developmental disorders (such as ASD); social, emotional and behavioural difficulties; and learning or school performance problems. The main reason for an assessment is to guide a decision, such as treatment, learning support or behaviour management and therefore a clear understanding of the reasons and the purpose of seeking the assessment is required.


Clinical Services - cognitive and psychological assessments

Some examples of the assessment YLO Psychology Clinic can offer include:

  • Cognitive/Intellectual Ability
  • Learning & Academic Difficulties
  • Autism & Social functioning
  • Adaptive Behaviour
  • Attention difficulties including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Challenging behaviours including Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

What does an assessment involve?

Assessments may involve paper-pencil inventories, online assessments, test batteries or structured observations. In most cases, the assessments are completed by the client being assessed; however they may also include ratings from family members, teachers, or the psychologist. The time required to complete an individual assessment may range from as little as 5 minutes to 2 hours (or more) and some assessments may occur over several weeks. In most cases, the assessments will be conducted on-site at YLO Psychology Clinic but may occur in other settings, as required.


How much does an assessment cost?

Some assessments are free and are used by your psychologist to track your treatment progress. Some questionnaires that are used to assess certain behaviours or presentations are completed as part of treatment to guide treatment planning and do not encompass an individual assessment package. However, most assessments are required to obtain certain information and provide recommendations, and usually require a report to be written. In those cases, please click on the below links to see which assessment package may be of most benefit to you and your family.


Please note that assessment packages are not covered under a GP Mental Health Care Plan and are therefore not eligible for a Medicare rebate under the Medicare Better Access Initiative. However, when a referral for assessment is provided by a Paediatrician and/or Psychiatrist some Medicare rebates may apply that can contribute to the cost of the assessment package. Private health rebates may be available for some treatment-related assessments (please check with your individual provider), but generally assessments are not eligible for rebates.  For longer assessments or reports, we offer a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) service, rather than an upfront lump sum payment. In all instances, we require the full balance of the assessment to be paid before we release the report.

commonly requested assessment packages

The most commonly requested assessment packages are:

For more information on each of these assessment packages click on the heading you are interested in. If the type of assessment you are interested in does not appear above or you are unsure of what type of assessment you require, please contact us.