Cognitive/Intellectual Ability Assessment Package

The Cognitive/Intellectual Ability Assessment Package is an IQ assessment using the WISC-IV to assess your child’s overall cognitive ability. It provides an overall summary of your child’s intellectual ability when compared to age-matched peers.

This package may be beneficial to your child if:

  • The child is being considered for early entry into school
  • The child is being considered for repeating a grade
  • The child is suspected of being Gifted & Talented
  • The child is suspected of having an intellectual impairment

The WISC-IV profile outlines a child’s key cognitive ability across the following four domains:

  • Verbal Comprehension: the ability to use a range of vocabulary to understand and express general knowledge and explain concepts
  • Perceptual Reasoning: the ability to solve complex non-verbal problems
  • Working Memory: the ability to learn, manipulate and retain information to complete new tasks
  • Processing Speed: the ability to quickly process and make judgements about visual information

Cognitive assessments can assess for:

  • Intellectual Giftedness: A cognitive assessment will help to assess whether a child can access gifted and talented programs or guide teachers in the provision of extension activities in the classroom setting.
  • Intellectual impairment: An assessment will assist in identifying a limitation in intellectual functioning, which is characterised by an IQ test score of 70 or below. Following an assessment, children and parents will have a better understanding around how an intellectual disability impacts the child’s ability to learn. It will also help to provide information to develop effective plans or accommodations in the classroom that are tailored to meet a child’s specific needs. Results can also assist in making applications to access government or school disability funding, special needs teachers or special provisions (e.g. scribe) in formal school examinations.

The process of a Cognitive/ Intellectual Ability Assessment is typically:

  • Parent Clinical Interview
  • 2 hours testing with WISC-IV
  • Scoring, interpretation, report preparation and recommendations ​
  • Parent Feedback session where results are discussed and specific tailored recommendations are provided across both home and school settings