Family Intervention


Family intervention focuses on the entire family system, rather than exclusively focusing on one or more of the individuals within the family. Although families may present for counselling due to concerns for one family member, a family focused approach whereby the entire family unit is involved in counselling can often be beneficial.


Just as children and adolescent moves through a series of developmental and life stages so too do families. As a family moves from one stage to another they can encounter difficulties because the skills and roles required by the next stage are often quite different from those of the previous stage. All along the family life cycle, new challenges present, leading to possible difficulties as new stages are reached.


Some common family related concerns include:

  • sibling rivalry
  • family conflict or stress
  • family trauma, grief or loss
  • adjusting to divorce or separation
  • children going to school for the first time – can trigger grief and loss for Mothers in particular.
  • stress and pressure of parenting adolescents
  • new family structures (e.g. blended)
  • family member with chronic illness
  • family violence


These concerns can impact different family members in different ways. At times, a family focused approach can be beneficial to address underlying communication and relationship patterns that are impacting on the functioning of the family.



Family Therapy

Family therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach that enables family members to explore and understand roles within the family, identify and resolve conflicts and strengthen the overall functioning of the family. Family therapy believes that an individual functions as part of a wider family system and that an individual’s symptoms or concerns are a reflection of a problem or difficulty within the entire family sub-system. Family therapy is founded on the belief that each family is unique with its own structure and patterns of communication. Using a strengths-based approach, family therapy seeks to strengthen relationships and promote healthy communication patterns to resolve conflict.


YLO Psychology Clinic offers family therapy to families who may be experiencing difficulties. However, Family Therapy is not recognised as an eligible treatment intervention under a GP Mental Health Care Plan and therefore there are no eligible Medicare rebates. At YLO Psychology Clinic we are committed to helping children and parents develop healthy and positive family relationships that create a happy home environment.



Parenting Support

At YLO Psychology Clinic we understand that parenting is hard. However, parents can experience heightened feelings of anxiety or stress in relation to parenting if:

  • the child has medical needs
  • the child has a diagnosed developmental disorder
  • the child is experiencing social difficulties
  • the child exhibits challenging behaviour
  • changes within the family structure such as parental separation/divorce
  • family life stage changes


Our specially trained and caring clinicians can assist parents through providing support, education and counselling.  Parents can access a psychologist at YLO Psychology Clinic for specific parenting training and support and will be provided with tailored strategies and approaches to meet the individual needs of their children.



Pregnancy Support

Traditionally, pregnancy, childbirth and the arrival of a new baby is viewed by society as a happy and momentous time for both the parents and family. However, the reality of childbirth and caring for a newborn is often in stark contrast to this idealised image, therefore it is not surprising that a considerable number of women experience low mood, emotion dysregulation and isolation during this new phase of their life.


Mothers are faced with new sets of demands that a baby brings including sleepless nights, establishing a feeding routine and pressure to establish a bond with their new-born. Other stresses in life such as financial difficulties, social isolation, low support, relationship breakdown or an unexpected difficult birth can also impact on dealing with the demands of a new baby. All this can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and stress.


Medicare offers rebates for pregnancy support counselling for women who have experienced pregnancy within the last 12 months who have concerns such as decisions about the future, adjustment following the pregnancy, or general issues related to a pregnancy. If you would like more information or wish to speak directly to a psychologist about this please give us a call on 07 3341 4619.