How We Can Help


YLO Psychology Clinic clinicians are experienced psychologists with a passion for working with children, adolescents and families. We are a young and vibrant team with a shared interest in enhancing the lives of children, adolescents and families within our local community. We are acutely aware of the specific and unique needs of children, adolescents and families and are committed to working with parents, schools and community agencies to achieve quality outcomes. Psychologists at YLO Psychology Clinic have received specific training in the area of child development and family therapy and have elected to work extensively with this population.


Psychologists have a vast array of training and experience in a range of common presentations including:

  • Anxiety disorders,
  • Depression,
  • Challenging behaviours,
  • Learning assessments,
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Grief and loss
  • Parental/separation or divorce
  • Trauma
  • Social skill difficulties


We can offer individualised assessment and intervention for individuals, children or adolescents, parents or the family unit as a whole. By working specifically with this population it has allowed psychologists at YLO Psychology Clinic to focus and sharpen their clinical skills in evidence-based treatment and intervention specific to children, adolescents and families. Therefore, our clients receive a high-quality and personable service with treatment matched to the needs of the individual client and family. We often work in partnership or cooperatively with teachers, guidance counsellors and other community organisations to provide a holistic approach to treatment.


We view coming to see a psychologist at YLO Psychology Clinic as the formation of a collaborative partnership. We view the child, the parent, the clinician and where required teachers and community organisations as all integral factors towards successful treatment. By working together both in and out of sessions we are able to achieve the identified treatment goals and optimise long-term change and growth.