HOW WE CAN HELP community agencies


Along with the specified clinical services, YLO Psychology Clinic also provides intervention and consulting services to government and non-government organisations, schools and community agencies who provide direct support and interaction with children, adolescents and families. An organisation may consider working with YLO Psychology Clinic in regards to:

  • Education and information relating to child and adolescent emotional health, behavioural presentation or social development
  • Practices and services relating to children, adolescents and families
  • Research and project development
  • Assessment
  • Court reports




YLO Psychology Clinic provides tailored packages for children and young people that includes assessment, individualised treatment, parent/carer support as well as the provision for home-based intervention and support when required.


Treatment will be provided by professionally trained clinicians including: Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Social Workers who have extensive training and knowledge in the field of trauma and attachment as well as an inherent understanding of the Child Protection system. In addition, home-based intervention and support is also available through specialised Family Intervention Workers to provide carer training and support for at-risk families or for unstable foster placements. Treatment and interventions will be evidence-based and outcome measures will be used to track progress and ensure effective outcomes for children and families as well as value for we can help organisations - child protection services

  • Foster Carer Assessments
  • Social Assessments
  • Risk & Behaviour Assessments
  • Family Intervention Services
  • Placement Support & Intervention
  • Risk Planning
  • Behaviour Planning
  • Transition from Care planning and support




how we can help organisations - school services

YLO Psychology Clinic delivers school based services such as:

  • Cognitive assessments
  • Clinical observations
  • Group-based programs
  • Professional development and consultation with school staff
  • Behavioural support planning



workplace services

YLO Psychology Clinic delivers workplace services such as:

  • Education and staff training
  • Post Critical-Incident Support