Learning & Educational Assessment Package

YLO Psychology Clinic offers a comprehensive learning and educational assessment package to help identify any underlying cause to your child’s learning difficulties. It adds onto the above Cognitive/Intellectual Ability package by not only assessing your child’s cognitive ability through administering the WISC-IV but also their current achievement level.  A benefit of this comprehensive assessment package is that it can lead to early detection of reading and writing difficulties, early detection of a specific learning disability as well as provide an understanding of a child’s unique learning style and pattern.

An achievement assessment is an individually administered test that is designed to measure an individual’s academic skills and problem-solving abilities. An achievement assessment is recommended when there is a suspected learning difficulty or specific learning disability. We administer the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – second edition (WIAT-II) (Australian Standard) which is used to measure aspects of the learning process that take place in traditional academic settings, to allow for the evaluation of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses across the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and oral language.

This assessment packages provides a genuine understanding of a child’s strengths and needs, identifies any underlying problems and assesses your child’s ability to achieve at school.  The comprehensive report will provide guidance and practice strategies and recommendations for parents and schools to assist the child to reach their full potential.

This package may be beneficial for your child if:

  • The child is suspected of having learning difficulties
  • The child performs inconsistently across a range of school subject areas
  • The child performs inconsistently across the one subject
  • There are concerns about the child’s emotional and behavioural functioning (e.g. attention difficulties, behavioural difficulties or anxiety symptoms)
  • The child has poor hand-writing, motor skill difficulties
  • The child’s teacher has raised educational or learning concerns within the classroom
  • The child is suspected of specific learning difficulties

The process of a Learning/Educational Assessment is typically:

  • Parent Clinical Interview to explore family history, medical history and current concerns
  • WISC-IV to assess individual cognitive ability
  • WIAT-II to assess individual cognitive achievement
  •  Other relevant assessment tools as required based on presentation (e.g., if a reading disorder needs to be investigated other relevant measures are added).
  • A detailed assessment report with recommendations.